estudio DIIR

estudio DIIR is an architectural firm based in Madrid and founded in 2018 by David Meana, Ignacio Navarro, Iñigo Palazón y Ricardo Fernández, architects graduated from Politecnic University of Madrid (ETSAM). Their work tackles multi-scale projects and explores various paths to achieve uniqueness through innovation and rigor. From offices and shops to public buildings and residential complexes, estudio DIIR incorporates the essential aspects of the present, focusing on social, cultural and environmental issues. During this time, their work, characterized by a strong strategic and conceptual positioning, have received national and international recognition.


2021 Premio COAM Emergente 2021 (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid)

Pau Flagship Store

2021 Third Prize Public Competition (INCASÒL)

41 Housing Units in Badalona 

2021 Honorable Mention Public Competition (Generalitat Valenciana)

11 Housing Units in Alcoy

2020 First Prize Public Competition (Junta de Extremadura)

New Health Center in Plasencia 

2020 Third Prize Public Competition (Gobierno de Cantabria)

Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria MUPAC 

2020 Second Prize Public Competition (Ayto. de Alfoz de Quintanadueñas)

Alfoz de Quintanadueñas Aquatic Center 

2019 First Prize Public Competition (Ayto. de Villamayor de Gállego)

Landscape intervention on Caserón de la Duquesa de Híjar

2019 Finalist Public Competition (Ayto. de Villanueva de la Serena)

Villanueva de la Serena Market 

2018 First Prize Public Competition (Ayto. de Los Molinos)

Los Molinos Cultural Center

2018 Honorable Mention Public Competition (120 Hours)

School Pavilion in Lianmeng, China

David Meana González

2018 Co-Founder at estudio DIIR

2018 Becoming. Spanish.Pavilion Venice 


2018 Luis Vidal + arquitectos, Madrid

2018 Architecture Master Thesis, ETSAM

2017 Bachelor Architecture, ETSAM

2017 Office for Contemporary Art, Noruega

2016 Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec, Paris

2016 Master Arch. LTH, Lund, Sweden

2016 Columbus 2035. NASA Houston, USA

2016 Int. Achitecture & Furniture design. LTH, Sweden

2015 Drawing of the year, Aarhus School of Architecture

2015 Habitat Design International Studio. Vastu Shilpa F. Ahmedabad, India.

Ignacio Navarro Soriano

2018 Co-Founder at estudio DIIR

2018 Mention PFC COAM 2018

2018 FRPO, Rodríguez Oriol Arquitectos, Madrid

2018 Architecture Master Thesis, ETSAM MH

2017 Bachelor Architecture, ETSAM


2016 Finalist Renzo Piano Building Workshop 

2015 Curator’s Award IIT, Chicago, USA

2015 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), Chicago, USA

2014 MCHAP Mies Crown Hall American Prizes IIT. Student Committee, Chicago, USA

2014 Bachelor Arch, IIT Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

Iñigo Palazón del Pino

2018 Co-Founder at estudio DIIR

2018 XIV BEAU. Muestra PFC, Santander

2017 FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Arquitectos, Madrid

2017 Architecture Master Thesis, ETSAM

2016 Bachelor Architecture, ETSAM

2016 El Croquis 189. Collaboration JMSG

2016 IAC Mezzana Villa Cristina. 1st Prize. Collaboration JMSG

2016 The Ring. Venice Biennale

2016 José María Sánchez García, Madrid

2015 RTA Office, Shanghai, China

2015 Bachelor Arch. Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2014 Bachelor Arch. IIT Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

Ricardo Fernández González

2018 Co-Founder at estudio DIIR

2018 Renzo Piano World Tour RPWT 2018

2018 Becoming. Spanish.Pavilion Venice 


2018 Mention PFC COAM 2017, Madrid

2018 1st Prize Foro Cerámico Hispalyt PFC

2017 FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Arquitectos, Madrid

2017 Architecture Master Thesis, ETSAM MH

2016 Bachelor Architecture, ETSAM

2015 Chicago Architectural Biennale, USA

2015 Krueck & Sexton, Chicago, USA

2015 Louis Vuitton Spark Award, Chicago, USA

2014 Bachelor Arch. IIT Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

2012 Spain mon amour, Venice Biennale